What's it about?
THE EINSTEIN TOWER is a psychological suspense thriller. 

How was it made?
The filmmaker, a firm believer in the magic of Hollywood, is taking great pains to keep the technical aspects of the production confidential at least until after the film's general release.

With the exception of various coffeehouses in Tokyo, the filmmaker gives his modest living quarters on the outskirts of the city "physically and karmically between the workshops of Studio Ghibli and Production I.G"  as the location where most of the writing and post production has taken place.

Of the production he says, "It is a film of multiple dimensions, involving hundreds of people, and which took over four years and a boatload of coffee to produce."

How much did it cost to make?
THE EINSTEIN TOWER was funded entirely by out of pocket resources by the filmmaker himself. Currently, post-production has been delayed due to financial constraints. The filmmaker is currently seeking financing to complete the last stages of post-production, festival entry costs, and the initial stages of promotion.

The budget is described by the filmmaker as "extremely inexpensive for a film, yet extremely expensive for anything else".  The filmmaker accepts and encourages any and all donations, however large or small, for the promotion and distribution of art. 

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Who made it? Why?
An "ex-pat" American living abroad, actor - writer - adventurer Rob Reilly set the film in the year 2013 A.D., placing the action in and around the area now known as Tokyo, Japan.  As with all good writers, Reilly has culled many of his themes from his own personal experiences.

But that's only the beginning. The filmmaker has crafted a plot in THE EINSTEIN TOWER that goes well beyond what most of us concieve to be inevitable in our ever-changing world. The result, says Reilly, "is a story with dangers vastly different from anything that has come before." He adds:

"I hope to not only entertain but to make people think about the story well after they've left the theater. I think all good things, all things worth spending time on, are like that. So, I hope, humbly, that my work can also be viewed in this way, to be a bit ambiguous, a bit unclear, personal without being exclusive, and most of all, moving. Because my favorite movies, whether they are serious dramas or comedies, must move me for me to remember them, to think about them, and to use in my own life, what they, as living art, give me. 

Certainly, cool shots, neat effects,  and good images are one aspect of cinema, but if it's not placed in a moving story or with a likable character then it's wasted. I'm a firm advocate of the saying, "If it's not first on paper, then you'll never get it on the screen." I think this is particularly true of most of what comes out of Hollywood these days. And that's why you see so many people searching out other, alternative sources for motion pictures."  

Is it based on a book?
An underground novel, entitled Wandering Soul, has been mentioned as a source of inspiration for THE EINSTEIN TOWER.  Mr. Reilly has neither confirmed nor denied this rumour.

Is there going to be a graphic novel(s) printed?
There are current plans for this. Discussions with artists and publishers are ongoing at present.  If you are or know of an artist whose work you feel would compliment this project, please let the filmmakers know at "artwork(at)einsteintower.org". We'd love to hear from you.

How about computer games?
So far, no plans have been finalized. Generally speaking, the genre is well suited for application in gaming, particularly now that the field has advanced so drastically. This film would lend itself very well to a gaming format. Of course, it all depends on the demand. If the public wants it, it's a good bet, it will happen. If not, well then...In the end, it's really all about financing and getting the support for development.

How do I contact the filmmakers?

The filmmakers welcome all inquiries. If you are interested in becoming a corporate partner to The Einstein Tower or wish to discuss other avenues of sponsorship, send an email to "finance(at)einsteintower.org". If you have a general question about the production, write to: "film(at)einsteintower.org". All inquiries will remain strictly confidential. (Of course, replace "(at)" with the appropriate symbol. )

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